Blackboard Support for Faculty & Staff
  1. Adding a New Column to the Blackboard Grade Center
  2. Changing Categories for Grade Center Items in Blackboard
  3. Creating an Assignment
  4. Creating "Smart Views" for Individual Sections
  5. Creating a Test
  6. Downloading Completed Assignments
  7. Downloading Your Grade Center to Excel
  8. Grading a Discussion Board Forum
  9. Grading Assignments
  10. Grading Safe Assignments
  11. Hiding (or Unhiding) a Grade Center Item
  12. Locking a Grade Center Column
  13. Making a Test Available
  14. Managing Grade Center Categories in Blackboard
  15. Plagiarism Detection: Creating a Safe Assignment
  16. Plagiarism Checking: Directly Submitting Documents to SafeAssign
  17. Plagiarism Detection: Downloading Safe Assignments
  18. Plagiarism Detection: Viewing Originality Reports
  19. Reordering Grade Center Columns
  20. Using the Self and Peer Assessment Feature
  21. Weighting Grades in Blackboard


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