Blackboard Support for Faculty & Staff
  1. Adding a Banner Image to a Blackboard Course
  2. Adding a Content Area to Your Course
  3. Adding a Content Item to Your Course
  4. Adding a Folder to a Content Area
  5. Adding a Folder's Worth of Documents into Your Blackboard Course
  6. Adding a Journal to Your Course
  7. Adding a Podcast to Your Course
  8. Adding a Syllabus to Your Course
  9. Adding a View Grades Button to Your Blackboard Course
  10. Adding External Links to Your Course
  11. Adding Multiple Documents at a Time Using the Document Unpackager
  12. Changing a Button Name in the Course Navigation Menu
  13. Copying Content from One Course to Another
  14. Creating an Assignment
  15. Creating a Safe Assignment
  16. Displaying (and Hiding) Past Courses
  17. Moving Readings from ERes to Blackboard

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