Blackboard Support for Faculty & Staff
  1. Adding Mathematical Formulas to a Blackboard Quiz
  2. Adding a New Column to the Blackboard Grade Center
  3. Best Practices for Blackboard Exams
  4. Changing Categories for Grade Center Items in Blackboard
  5. Creating an Assignment
  6. Creating "Smart Views" for Individual Sections
  7. Creating a Test
  8. Downloading Completed Assignments
  9. Downloading Your Grade Center to Excel
  10. Grading a Discussion Board Forum
  11. Grading Assignments
  12. Grading Safe Assignments
  13. Hiding (or Unhiding) a Grade Center Item
  14. Locking a Grade Center Column
  15. Making a Test Available
  16. Managing Grade Center Categories in Blackboard
  17. Plagiarism Detection: Creating a Safe Assignment
  18. Plagiarism Checking: Directly Submitting Documents to SafeAssign
  19. Plagiarism Detection: Downloading Safe Assignments
  20. Plagiarism Detection: Viewing Originality Reports
  21. Reordering Grade Center Columns
  22. Using the Self and Peer Assessment Feature
  23. Weighting Grades in Blackboard

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