To speak another language is to possess another soul.

Course Grading

Most homework assignments are just recorded, not graded; to successfully complete the course, however, all homework assignments must be completed and turned in, so 10% of your grade will depend on your turning in most of the assignments. The final homework assignment in each section will be assigned a recorded grade. This assignment must by done by the individual student alone without discussing the it with anyone other than the instructor. At the end of each section there will also be a test, formerly known as an Achievement Recognition Opportunity (ARO). The three tests (or AROs) given over the course of the semester account for 50% of the final course grade, the graded homework, 30%, the ungraded homework, 10%, and class participation, 10%. Additional work may be completed to raise the achievement recognition level of any test or homework assignment; ask the instructor for details. The intent is to keep the student in control of his or her grade as much as possible.

You may figure your own grade using the grade calculator below. Simply write in your ARO grades and your graded homework grades. For ungraded homework, write in the number of ungraded homework papers returned to you divided by two and multiplied by ten. For class participation, enter 100 minus the number of days beyond two you missed multiplied by 10. Remember, the grade returned by the calculator is only approximate: class participation depends on factors other than attendance and grades may be affected by extra credit.

Linguistics 110 Grade Calculator
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