Extra Credit Work

Suggested topics for extra credit papers

  1. Bucknell Slang
  2. Borrowings in English
  3. Folk Etymology
  4. Onomastics (origins of place names and surnames)
  5. Language Acquisition
  6. Child Language
  7. Second Language Acquisition
  8. Speech Disturbances and Pathology
  9. The Great Vowel Shift
  10. American Sign Language
  11. Theories on the Origin of Language
  12. Field Work on a Specific Feature of Language (English -ly, who/whom, between you and I)
  13. Speech Errors: What They Tell Us about Language Processing
  14. Language Universals
  15. Animal Communication Systems
  16. The Relation of Sound and Meaning in Morphemes
  17. The Agreement System of Another Language (French, Japanese, Russian, German)
  18. How the Phonological System of Another Language Differs from English
  19. How the Verbal System of Another Language Differs from English
  20. The Relation of English to a Foreign Language You Study

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