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GENUS Reithrodon

Author:Waterhouse, 1837.
Citation:Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond., 1837: 29.
Type Species:Reithrodon typicus Waterhouse, 1837.
Comments:Reithrodontini. Classically arranged by Hershkovitz (1955a) with sigmodont rodents, but a compelling body of morphological evidence points to its general kinship with phyllotines (Braun, 1993; Olds and Anderson, 1989; Ortiz et al., 2000b; Pardiñas, 1997; Pardiñas and Galliari, 2001; Pearson and Patton, 1976; Steppan, 1993, 1995). In their rediagnosis of Phyllotini, Olds and Anderson (1989) had identified a morphologically well-defined complex that they designated the "Reithrodon Group," comprised of Euneomys, Neotomys, and Reithrodon. Such an assemblage, along with certain extinct genera, has consistently appeared in phylogenetic studies based on morphological characters (Ortiz et al., 2000b; Pardiñas, 1997; Steppan, 1993, 1995; Steppan and Sullivan, 2000). Cladistic interpretations of mitochondrial genes, however, dispute tribal alignment of Reithrodon with phyllotines, or with Sigmodon, and inconsistently represent its phyletic affinity (D’Elía et al., 2003; Engel et al., 1998; Smith and Patton, 1999); samples of Euneomys and Neotomys were not represented in these studies. Whether inclusion of the latter genera will bring the "Reithrodon Group" back within Phyllotini sensu lato (i.e., a subtribe Reithrodontina as per Steppan, 1995), or whether the phyletic remoteness of Reithrodon and kin will be sustained invites further investigation. Vorontsov (1959) had previously recognized a formal tribal separation of Reithrodon from Phyllotini; availability of the family-group name issues from his action. Attribution of fossil genera described by Ameghino (1889) follows Pardiñas (2000a).


SPECIES auritus

SPECIES typicus


    Proreithrodon Ameghino, 1889
    Ptyssophorus Ameghino, 1889
    Tretomys Ameghino, 1889

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