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SPECIES Reithrodon auritus

Author:Fischer, 1814.
Citation:Zoognosia, 3: 71.
Common Name:Hairy-soled Conyrat
Type Locality:Argentina, Buenos Aires Prov., pampas south of Buenos Aires, south bank of the Río de la Plata (as restricted by Hershkovitz, 1959a:349).
Distribution:Isolated records in the Pampean region, N and C Argentina; more or less continuously distributed over the Patagonian region, sea level-3000 m, from C Argentina and adjacent Chile through Tierra del Fuego (see Ortiz et al., 2000; Pardiñas and Galliari, 2001:Fig. 3).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:See the weighty Mammalian Species account (No. 664) of Pardiñas and Galliari (2001) for discrimination from R. typicus, remarks on the type locality, review of fossil synonyms and numerous paleontological occurrences (middle Pliocene-Holocene), and distribution of the four conventionally recognized subspecies (Cabrera, 1961), "whose boundaries are highly hypothetical." Pardiñas (1995) allocated the late Pleistocene Bothriomys spegazzinii, described by Ameghino (1889) from Argentinian sediments, as a synonym of R. auritus. Reports of the species from the Malvinas (= Falkland) Isls remain unconfirmed (see Pardiñas and Galliari, 2001). Also see account of R. typicus, formerly included as a subspecies.



    auritus (Desmarest, 1819)
    caurinus Thomas, 1920
    cuniculoides Waterhouse, 1837
    evae Thomas, 1927
    flammarum Thomas, 1912
    hatcheri J. A. Allen, 1903
    marinus Thomas, 1920
    obscurus J. A. Allen, 1903
    pachycephalus (Philippi, 1900)
    pampanus Thomas, 1916
    physodes (Illiger, 1815)
    physodes (Olfers, 1818)
    spegazzinii (Ameghino, 1889)

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