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SPECIES Reithrodon typicus

Author:Waterhouse, 1837.
Citation:Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond., 1837: 30.
Common Name:Naked-soled Conyrat
Type Locality:Uruguay, Maldonado Dept., Maldonado.
Distribution:EC Argentina (Entre Ríos and Corrientes), Uruguay, and extreme S Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul).
Comments:Although early maintained as distinct from R. auritus (Ellerman, 1941; Gyldenstolpe, 1932), Osgood (1943) placed typicus and all conyrats in a single species, and the genus thereafter was typically viewed as monotypic, whether as R. physodes Olfers, 1818 (Cabrera, 1961; Corbet and Hill, 1991; Hershkovitz, 1955a, 1959; Honacki et al., 1982) or R. auritus Fischer, 1814 (Musser and Carleton, 1993; Reig, 1978). Specific status reaffirmed by Ortells et al. (1988), who noted substantial differences in diploid and fundamental numbers between R. auritus proper (2n = 34) and typicus (2n = 28), as earlier reported by Freitas et al. (1983b, as auritus).



    currentium Thomas, 1920

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