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GENUS Dasyurus

Author:. Geoffroy, 1796.
Citation:Mag. Encyclop., ser. 2, 3: 469.
Type Species:Didelphis maculata Anon., 1791 (= Didelphis viverrina Shaw, 1800).
Comments:See Haltenorth (1958:20). Archer (1982) revived Satanellus (for albopunctatus and hallucatus), as he considered that the remaining species might belong in a clade with Sarcophilus; but Krajewski et al. (1997a), using molecular data, confirmed that Dasyurus is monophyletic.


SPECIES albopunctatus

SPECIES geoffroii

SPECIES hallucatus

SPECIES maculatus

SPECIES spartacus

SPECIES viverrinus


    Dasyurinus Matschie, 1916
    Dasyurops Matschie, 1916
    Nasira Harvey, 1841
    Notoctonus Pocock, 1926
    Satanellus Pocock, 1926
    Stictophonus Pocock, 1926

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