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SPECIES Dasyurus maculatus

Author:Kerr, 1792.
Citation:In Linnaeus, Anim. Kingdom: 170.
Common Name:Tiger Quoll
Type Locality:Australia, New South Wales, Port Jackson.
Distribution:Australia: E Queensland, E New South Wales, E and S Victoria, SE South Australia, Tasmania. Formerly occurred in South Australia.
Status:IUCN Endangered as D. m.gracilis, Vulnerable as D. maculatus and D. m. maculatus. Widespread but rare; locally common in Tasmania.
Comments:Formerly included in Dasyurops; see Haltenorth (1958). See Firestone et al. (1999) for possible subspecies boundaries; the Tasmanian form is rather distinctive.



    gracilis Ramsay, 1888
    macrourus E. Geoffroy St. Hilaire, 1803
    novaehollandiae (Meyer, 1793)
    ursinus Giebel, 1874

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