Restoring a Hidden Course Navigation Menu

Generally, when someone accidentally hides the Course Navigation Menu, s/he will call, email, or visit the Help Desk and say, "I used to be able to get to all areas of my Blackboard course, but now I can see only the Announcements page. What happened to my course?" The reason for this problem is almost always the same - the person has accidentally hidden the Course Navigation menu, and s/he doesn't know how to unhide that menu, to get to other areas of the course. If you have accidentally hidden the Course Navigation menu, here's how you "unhide" it:

  1. When your course navigation menu is hidden, your Blackboard course screen will look something like this (assuming that there are announcements already posted in your course):

    Hidden Course Navigation Menu

    In other words, you'll see only the Announcements page, and you won't see any way to get to other parts of the course. The view above is how a course displays when the navigation menu is hidden.

  2. To display the navigation menu again, you'll need to click on the Show Menu Icon icon, as depicted in the figure below:

    Restore Hidden Menu

  3. Your navigation menu will now be visible again, and you'll be able to click on those buttons to get to other areas in the course:

    Course Navigation Menu Restored

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