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Understanding the Journey

Click above to learn more about the Beaucarnot Family, the history of French colonial Indochina, and the Realization of this Web Site.


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Taking the Journey

Navigation: There are three ways to retrace Claudie's steps as she traveled through French Indochina: choronologically, geographically, or visually. Each of these methods will take you to various locations in Claudie's journey. At each location, you will typically find the French transcription of the diary, an English translation, appropriate photographs from the colonial period, photographs from the 2004 trip, and commentary. Remember to scroll to the bottom to view the commentary. There may be multiple diary entries at a particular location. Scroll down to view all of the entries.

To follow Claudie CHRONOLOGICALLY, click on the appropriate link above. This will follow Claudie's diary as she moved about French Indochina. You may visit the same location multiple times -- just as Claudie did -- with the appropriate diary entry highlighted. Continue the journey by clicking on the appropriate "next" links.

To follow Claudie GEOGRAPHICALLY, click on the appropriate link above. This will start in Hanoi, wandering to the same locations that Claudie did in a generally southern direction, ending in Saigon. Each location is visited once. The diary entries for all visits to a particular location will be displayed with that location. Continue the journey by clicking on the apprpriate "next" links.

To chart your own way VISUALLY, start by clicking on any of the colored regions* to the left. You can also click on one of the 'stars' for Hanoi or Saigon. This will take you to a map of the region or city, where you can venture to specific locations.


*Colored areas of map indicate distinct segments of Claudie’s voyage and do not necessarily indicate political or other boundaries.


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