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Here are copies of the Beaucarnot Diary in various formats.

1. [Coming soon] Digital photographs of the original 1943 Beaucarnot Vacation Diary, from the original school notebooks.

2. [Coming soon] A copy of the 1990 French-language transcription of the diary as taken from the Archives nationals. Centre des Archives d’Outre-Mer, Aix-en-Provence, France (archival code 67 APOM, d. 2].

3. David Del Testa’s transcription of the archival transcription.

4. The translation of Del Testa’s transcription by California Lutheran University students Amber Hart and Stephanie Albee, Spring 2002.

5. Side-by-side French – English pairing of Del Testa’s transcription and Hart and Albee’s translation

These materials directly support the diary or understanding of French colonial Indochina and the countries that eventually emerged because of its dissolution (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos):

1. Claude Beaucarnot. Élements de la Technique Céramique. Hanoi, N.P., 1940.
Mrs. Claudie Beaucarnot has made this French-language document, published by her father, available for public distribution. Beyond the summary it gives of industrial ceramic techniques circa 1940, its final few pages give valuable insight into traditional Vietnamese and Chinese pottery techniques.

2. John K. Whitmore, ed. An Introduction to Indochinese History, Culture, Language, and Life: For Persons Involved with the Indochinese Refugee Education and Resettlement Project in the State of Michigan. Ann Arbor: Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of Michigan, 1979.
This document, in the public domain and originally intended for distribution to social workers and others involved in resettling the second wave of refugees from the countries of Indochina, gives useful summaries of the histories, cultures, and societies of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. When using it, readers should remember that Dr. Whitmore put this document together in 1979.

3. Syllabi for California Lutheran University full-year history courses History 482-01 Fall 2002 and History 482-01 Spring 2003, the foundation on which the grant application and field project in Vietnam were built

4. AsiaNetwork Faculty-Student Research Grant Application, Fall 2002


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