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SPECIES Ctenomys pearsoni

Author:Lessa and Langguth, 1983.
Citation:Com. Jour. Cienc. Nat. Montevideo (Uruguay), 3: 86.
Common Name:Pearson’s Tuco-tuco
Type Locality:Uruguay, Dept. Colonia, 25 km SE of Carmelo, Arroyo Limetas.
Distribution:Soriana, San José, and Colonia Depts. (Uruguay).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Several karyotypes from different localities have been reported or associated with this taxon, including 2n=68-70, FN=80 (Novello et al., 1990); 2n=70, FN=80 (Kiblisky et al., 1977; associated with pearsoni by Lessa and Langguth, 1983); and 2n=56 and FN=77-79 (Novello et al., 1990). Three different fundamental numbers have been reported for the 2n=70 karyotype (80 by Novello et al., 1990; 84 by Ortells et al., 1990; and 88 by Garcia et al., 2000). No karyotype can be associated with specimens from the type locality. The lack of G-band homology between the 2n=70 karyotype and the 2n=56 karyotype led Novello and Lessa (1986) to suggest that more than a single species was represented in C. pearsoni. Garcia et al. (2000) concluded that the 2n=70 karyotype of pearsoni was identical to the karyotype of dorbignyi and that there was no cytogenetic data for the regognition of dorbignyi.
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