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SPECIES Peromyscus keeni

Author:Rhoads, 1894.
Citation:Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, 46: 258.
Common Name:Northwestern Deermouse
Type Locality:Canada, British Columbia, Queen Charlotte Isls, Graham Isl, Massett.
Distribution:S Alaska, W British Columbia, and W Washington, west of the Coastal and Cascade mountain ranges and including continental shelf islands and archipelagos.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc) as P. oreas and P. sitkensis.
Comments:P. maniculatus species group. Relegated to a subspecies of P. maniculatus by Osgood (1909) and thereafter maintained as a junior synonym (Hall, 1981; Hooper, 1968; Musser and Carleton, 1993). Specific status, synonymies, and distribution with respect to P. maniculatus clarified by Hogan et al. (1993), who reassigned oreas and sitkensis, taxa formerly regarded as species, to subspecific rank; much morphological, genetic, and karyological information has been reported under those names (e.g., Allard and Greenbaum, 1988; Allard et al. 1987; Calhoun and Greenbaum, 1991; Cowan and Guiguet, 1965; Gunn and Greenbaum, 1986; Osgood, 1909; Pengilly et al., 1983; Sheppe, 1961; Sullivan et al., 1990; Thomas, 1973). About half of the synonyms listed are associated on the basis of distributional proximity and literature reports (see Hogan et al., 1993:829), a zoogeographically plausible supposition that deserves firsthand specimen examination and empirical ratification. Reconstruction of historical distributions to account for divergence of P. keeni and P. maniculatus considered by Zheng et al. (2003), who also discussed the status of sitkensis.
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    algidus Osgood, 1909
    beresfordi Guiguet, 1955
    cancrivorus McCabe and Cowan, 1945
    carli Guiguet, 1955
    doylei McCabe and Cowan, 1945
    hylaeus Osgood, 1908
    interdictus Anderson, 1932
    isolatus Cowan, 1935
    macrorhinus (Rhoads, 1894)
    maritimus McCabe and Cowan, 1945
    oceanicus Cowan, 1935
    oreas Bangs, 1898
    pluvialis McCabe and Cowan, 1945
    prevostensis Osgood, 1901
    rubriventer McCabe and Cowan, 1945
    sartinensis Guiguet, 1955
    sitkensis Merriam, 1897
    triangularis Guiguet, 1955

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