Listing the Students in Your Course

Our nightly "Snapshot" process ensures that all students enrolled in your course (in Banner) are also enrolled in your Blackboard course. However, sometimes a student will attend a class that s/he has just officially added and then tell his/her instructor that s/he cannot access the course in Blackboard. Usually, if the student waits one more day, s/he will be added to the course via the Snapshot process. If you want to list the students enrolled in your Blackboard course to confirm if a particular student is enrolled or to see all the students enrolled, you can do so via the User Management area of the Control Panel. This will list all "users" in the course: in other words, all students, teaching assistants, and other instructors, among other possible user categories. Please note that if you want to see a Photo Roster of students enrolled in your course, which can also list the class year of the student and his/her major, you can follow these instructions.

  1. Log in to Blackboard (opens in new window), and click on your course among the list of "Courses you are teaching" in the My Courses section of the opening page. Within that course, go to the Control Panel by clicking on the Control Panel icon near the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Within the User Management section of the Control Panel (in the top-right quadrant of your browser window), click on the List/Modify Users link:

    List/Modify Users

  3. To list all the users in your course, leave the Search window blank, and click on the Search button. If you want to list just a single student (to see if s/he is enrolled in your course), you can type the student's last name in the Search window and click on the Search button:

    Search for Users

  4. By default, Blackboard lists a maximum of 25 students per output page. If your course has more than 25 students enrolled (and if you searched for all students, rather than just for a single student), scroll down to the bottom of the output page to find a navigation tool, allowing you to access other pages in the list of users. Click on the appropriate page number to get to that page of results:  Other Pages.

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