Moving Readings from ERes to Blackboard

We are phasing out our Docutek ERes system, since that functionality can be provided more effectively in Blackboard. Using one system (Blackboard) rather than two is also much easier for students, since they'll be able to find their online course materials in one place only (their Blackboard course), a place that is password-protected and limited to students enrolled in a particular course. Please note that there were primarily two kinds of items in the ERes system: URLs that represented links to documents on other servers (for example, articles in ProQuest or JStor); and PDF files scanned from actual articles. In this help sheet (and the two documents linked to from here), we will be describing the process of moving PDF files to Blackboard. For adding "external links" to Blackboard (for those URLs), see Adding External Links to Your Course (opens in new window).

The process of moving documents from ERes to Blackboard is not difficult, although it involves two distinct steps, which we will detail in separate Web pages:

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