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GENUS Dinaromys

Author:Kretzoi, 1955.
Citation:Acta Geol. Acad. Sci. Hung., 3: 351.
Type Species:Microtus (Chionomys) marakovici Bolkay, 1924 (= Microtus bogdanovi Martino, 1922).
Comments:Pliomyini. Formerly referenced as Dolomys until Kretzoi (1955; also see Corbet, 1978c) explained the correct usage of Dinaromys for bogdanovi. Past tribal associations emphasize the archaic characteristics of this enigmatic genus, allocated to a monotypic subfamily Dolomyinae (Chaline, 1975), or to Ondatrini (see Corbet, 1978c), Clethrionomyini (Gromov and Polyakov, 1977; Hooper and Hart, 1962; McKenna and Bell, 1997), or Prometheomyini (Pavlinov et al., 1995a). Koenigswald (1980) uncovered no close resemblance between its molar enamel microstructure and that of any living arvicoline and suggested relationship with an extinct species of Propliomys (= Pliomys), a late Pliocene genus also placed in Pliomyini by Kretzoi (1969). Chaline et al. (1999) actually derived Dinaromys from the Pliocene Pliomys hungaricus. Kretzoiís (1969) referral of Dinaromys to the Pliomyini (or subtribe Pliomyi as per Gromov and Polyakov, 1977) reflects a stronger phyletic hypothesis (also see Chaline et al., 1999, and Zagorodnyuk, 1990). Phylogenetic analyses drawing upon molecular information would be enlightening.
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