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GENUS Antechinus

Author:Macleay, 1841.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., [ser. 1], 8: 242.
Type Species:Antechinus stuartii Macleay, 1841.
Comments:For the exclusion of Parantechinus and Pseudantechinus see Haltenorth (1958:18) and Ride (1964a); and of Dasykaluta see Archer (1982:434). Formerly included habbema, melanura, naso, and wilhelmina, which were transferred to Murexia by Armstrong et al. (1998), and have been transferred to a series of new genera (Micromurexia, Murexechinus, and Phascomurexia) by Van Dyck (2002).
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SPECIES adustus

SPECIES agilis

SPECIES bellus

SPECIES flavipes


SUBSPECIES rubeculus

SPECIES godmani


SPECIES minimus

SPECIES stuartii

SPECIES subtropicus

SPECIES swainsonii


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