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SPECIES Antechinus flavipes

Author:Waterhouse, 1837.
Actual Date:1838
Citation:Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond., 1837: 75.
Common Name:Yellow-footed Antechinus
Type Locality:Australia, New South Wales, north of Hunter River.
Distribution:Cape York Peninsula (Queensland); Victoria and SE South Australia; SW Western Australia. In SE Australia, bioclimatic modeling predicts its range as (somewhat discontinuously) from about 23N to S Victoria, and west to about 136E on the South Australian coast. Inland, it may reach as far as about 145E in S New South Wales (Sumner and Dickman, 1998).
Status:Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:No direct comparisons between Western Australian and eastern forms of the species have been made. The Cape York Peninsula form appears to be only subspecifically distinct.



SUBSPECIES rubeculus


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