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SPECIES Ozotoceros bezoarticus

Author:Linnaeus, 1758.
Citation:Syst. Nat., 10th ed., 1: 67.
Common Name:Pampas Deer
Type Locality:"Habitat in America australis"; identified as Brazil, Pernambuco (Thomas, 1911a:151).
Distribution:N Argentina, SE Bolivia, Brazil (S of Amazon), Paraguay, and Uruguay.
Status:CITES Appendix I; U.S. ESA Endangered; IUCN Critically Endangered as O. b. uruguayensis and O. b. arerunguaenis, Endangered as O. b. celer, Data Deficient as O. b. bezoarticus, Lower Risk (nt) as O. b. leucogaster.
Comments:Reviewed by Jackson (1987, Mammalian Species, 295). Widely known in the older literature as Blastocerus or Cariacus campestris (= Cervus campestris F. Cuvier, 1817), a name which is properly a junior synonym of Odocoilelus virginianus cariacou.


SUBSPECIES bezoarticus

SUBSPECIES arerunguaensis


SUBSPECIES leucogaster

SUBSPECIES uruguayensis


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