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SPECIES Nycticeius aenobarbus

Author:Temminck, 1840.
Citation:Monographies de Mammalogie, 2: 247.
Common Name:Temminck’s Mysterious Bat
Type Locality:"Amérique méridionale."
Distribution:Unknown; Carter and Dolan (1978) have suggested that the type and only known specimen is probably not from South America.
Status:IUCN 2003 – Not evaluated; not considered in IUCN/SSC Action Plan (2001).
Comments:Listed as a synonym of Myotis albescens by many authors following Miller and Allen (1928), but clearly distinct at both the genus and species level; see Husson (1962) and Carter and Dolan (1978). The latter authors suggested that this species probably belongs with Nycticeius, but its status remains unclear. If the holotype originated in the Old World, this taxon might be referable to Scotoecus, Scotorepens, or Scoteanax.



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