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GENUS Nycticeius

Author:Rafinesque, 1819.
Citation:J. Phys. Chim. Hist. Nat. Arts Paris, 88: 417.
Type Species:Vespertilio humeralis Rafinesque, 1818.
Comments:Does not include Scotoecus, see Hill (1974c). Does not include Scotorepens or Scoteanax; see Kitchener and Caputi (1985) and Volleth and Tidemann (1991). Does not includes Nycticeinops; see Hill and Harrison (1987) and Hoofer and Van Den Bussche (2001).


SPECIES aenobarbus

SPECIES cubanus

SPECIES humeralis

SUBSPECIES humeralis

SUBSPECIES mexicanus

SUBSPECIES subtropicalis


    Nycticea Le Conte, 1831
    Nycticejus Temminck, 1827
    Nycticeus Lesson, 1827
    Nycticeyx Wagler, 1830

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