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SPECIES Thomasomys erro

Author:Anthony, 1926.
Citation:Am. Mus. Novit., 240: 3.
Common Name:Wandering Thomasomys
Type Locality:Ecuador, Napo Prov., headwaters of Río Suno, a small tributary of the upper Río Napo, upper slopes of Volcán Sumaco, about 8000-9000 ft (~2438-2743 m).
Distribution:Cordillera Oriental, 2400-3600 m, NC Ecuador.
Comments:Anthony (1926) considered T. erro to be a highly distinctive species that was possibly derived from T. cinereiventer; Cabrera (1961) formalized the latter opinion as the trinomial T. cinereiventer erro, a synonymy followed by Musser and Carleton (1993) but not Tirira (1999). New records of T. erro reported by Voss (2003), who enumerated morphological traits that clearly discriminate the two forms as species.



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