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SPECIES Thomasomys caudivarius

Author:Anthony, 1923.
Citation:Am. Mus. Novit., 55: 4.
Common Name:White-tipped Thomasomys
Type Locality:Ecuador, El Oro Prov., Cordillera de Chilla, Taraguacocha, 10,750 ft (3277 m).
Distribution:Andes of C and S Ecuador (Bolivar and El Oro Provs. as per Luna and Pacheco, 2002).
Comments:Described as a species and considered a large member of the "cinereus group" by Anthony (1923); relegated to a subspecies of T. cinereus by Cabrera (1961). Tirira (1999) check-listed caudivarius as a valid species, a status reaffirmed by Luna and Pacheco (2002).



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