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SPECIES Sigmodon (Sigmodon) toltecus

Author:Saussure, 1860.
Citation:Rev. Mag. Zool. Paris, Ser. 2, 12: 98.
Common Name:Toltec Cotton Rat
Type Locality:México, Veracruz, near Mirador (as amended by Dalquest, 1953:163).
Distribution:Foothills and lowlands of E México, across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, into the Yucatán Peninsula and N Guatemala; range limits require vouchered documentation.
Comments:Subgenus Sigmodon, S. hispidus species group. Ranked as a subspecies of a broadly defined S. hispidus by Bailey (1902) and so classified thereafter (Hall and Kelson, 1959; Hall, 1981). Specific rank defended based on mitochrondrial DNA evaluations that disclose strong genetic divergence and cladistic separation from S. hispidus proper (Peppers and Bradley, 2000). Molecular studies have so far sampled toltecus and furvus; other species-group synonyms provisionally observe Carleton’s et al. (1999) narrative outline of the toltecus complex; their synonymy needs confirmation. Sister species to the S. alleni S. hirsutus clade according to phylogenetic interpretation of cytochrome b data (Peppers and Bradley, 2000; Peppers et al., 2002).



    fervidus Lydekker, 1904
    furvus Bangs, 1903
    microdon Bailey, 1902
    saturatus Bailey, 1902

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