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SPECIES Sigmodon (Sigmodon) arizonae

Author:Mearns, 1890.
Citation:Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., 2: 287.
Common Name:Arizona Cotton Rat
Type Locality:USA, Arizona, Yavapai Co., 3 mi (5 km) SE Camp Verde, Bell’s Ranch (as restricted by Hoffmeister, 1986).
Distribution:Extreme SE California, SC Arizona, and extreme SW New Mexico, USA; south along coastal plain and adjoining foothills, sea level-1900 m, in W México to S Nayarit.
Status:IUCN – Extinct as S. a. arizonae, Lower Risk (nt) as S. a. plenus, otherwise Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Sigmodon, S. hispidus species group. Zimmerman (1970) recognized the chromosomal and morphological differences that support the specific separation of S. arizonae from S. hispidus, under which it had been arranged as a subspecies (Bailey, 1902; Mearns, 1890). Distribution and differentiating traits amplified by Severinghaus and Hoffmeister (1978), Elder and Lee (1985), Hoffmeister (1986), Carleton et al. (1999), and Frey et al. (2002). Association of jacksoni, known only by the type specimen, as a junior synonym has been questioned (Carleton et al., 1999; Hoffmeister, 1986). Hall (1981) retained all named forms as subspecies, a classificatory formality unwarranted without fresh studies of populational variation across the species’ range. Probable sister species of S. mascotensis according to a variety of data (Carleton et al., 1999; Elder, 1980; Peppers and Bradley, 2000; Peppers et al., 2002; Zimmerman, 1970).



    cienegae A. B. Howell, 1919
    jacksoni Goldman, 1918
    major Bailey, 1902
    plenus Goldman, 1928

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