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SPECIES Rhipidomys leucodactylus

Author:Tschudi, 1845.
Citation:Untersuchungen uber die Fauna peruana (Therologie): 183.
Common Name:White-footed Rhipidomys
Type Locality:Perú, Region Andrés Avelino Cáceres (former Junín Dept.), Montaña de Vítoc area (as restricted by Tribe, 1996:201).
Distribution:Guianas, S Venezuela, N and C Brazil, Ecuador, Perú, and WC Bolivia (see Anderson, 1993); extralimital in W Ecuador and NW Perú.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:R. leucodactylus section sensu Tribe (1996). The homogeneity of junior epithets and populations gathered under R. leucodactylus, especially those west of the Andes, should be tested with other data and new collections. Thomas (1887b), e.g., named sclateri as a species from British Guiana and viewed it as the eastern counterpart of Peruvian R. leucodactylus; Guillotin and Petter (1984), however, described aratayae as a subspecies of R. leucodactylus from French Guiana; Voss et al. (2001) provisionally accepted both as examples of R. leucodactylus. Morphology and karyotype of W Brazil samples characterized by Patton et al. (2000), who compared the species with R. gardneri.



    aratayae Guillotin and Petter, 1984
    bovallii Thomas, 1911
    equatoris Thomas, 1915
    goodfellowi Thomas, 1900
    lucullus Thomas, 1911
    rex Thomas, 1927
    sclateri (Thomas, 1887)

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