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SPECIES Rhipidomys fulviventer

Author:Thomas, 1896.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 6, 18: 304.
Common Name:Tawny-bellied Rhipidomys
Type Locality:Colombia, Cundinamarca Dept., Aguadulce, 2400 ft (732 m).
Distribution:Isolated populations in the Andes of SW and C Colombia, and W and NE Venezuela.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:R. fulviventer section sensu Tribe (1996). Listed as a subspecies of R. latimanus by Cabrera (1961) but clearly a species separate from the latimanus venezuelae complex in Venezuela (Handley, 1976; Tribe, 1996). Includes venustus as a subspecies according to Tribe (1996) but not Linares (1998). To us, the considerable variation among Venezuelan series (USNM) indicates the presence of at least two species: venustus proper in the Mérida Andes and fulviventer sensu lato in the coastal mountains (tenuicauda) and Páramo de Tamá (elatturus). Whether the latter two small forms are conspecific with fulviventer proper, as provisionally arranged here, invites further study using other information bases. The highly disjunct distribution of fulviventer, as conveyed by the listed synonyms, must in part reflect the need for additional field inventory. Equally plausible, revisionary investigation may uncover complementary, geographically replacing, specific ranges among these synonyms; the status and relationships of similis and tenuicauda are foremost candidates for such renewed attention. Compared with R. wetzeli by Gardner (1989).



    elatturus Osgood, 1914
    similis J. A. Allen, 1912
    tenuicauda (J. A. Allen, 1899)

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