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SPECIES Oxymycterus dasytrichus

Author:Schinz, 1821.
Citation:Cuvier’s Das Thierreich, 1: 288.
Common Name:Atlantic Forest Hocicudo
Type Locality:Brazil, Bahia State, Rio Mucurí (as restricted by Cabrera, 1961:468).
Distribution:Atlantic Forest region of SE Brazil (Bahia to São Paulo; see Hoffmann et al., 2002, Pereira et al., 2001).
Comments:Original spelling as Mus dosytrichos, emended to dasytrichus by Tate (1932g:17). Arranged as a full synonym of O. rufus by Ellerman (1941) or recognized subspecies by Cabrera (1961), and so associated by Musser and Carleton (1993). Fonseca et al. (1996) and Pereira et al. (2001) listed dasytrichus as species, and confirmatory data (mitochrondrial DNA) demonstrating its clear separation from O. rufus presented by Hoffmann et al. (2002). Karyotype (2n = 54, FN = 64) reported by Pereira et al. (2001). The taxon rostellatus is listed as a species by Fonseca et al. (1996).



    dasytrichos (Wied-Neuwied, 1826)
    dosytrichos (Schinz, 1821)
    rostellatus (Wagner, 1842)

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