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SPECIES Oryzomys talamancae

Author:J. A. Allen, 1891.
Citation:Proc. U. S. Natl. Mus., 14: 193.
Common Name:Transandean Oryzomys
Type Locality:Costa Rica, Limón Prov., Talamanca.
Distribution:Forested lowlands, sea level to 1525 m, from NW Costa Rica, through Panamá, to W and NC Colombia, W Ecuador, and N Venezuela (see Musser et al., 1998:Fig. 66).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Considered a junior synonym of O. capito (= O. megacephalus) (Hershkovitz, 1960), an opinion that led to its arrangement as a subspecies thereof (Hall, 1981; Handley, 1966a). Species status maintained by Gardner (1983a) and reasserted based on G-banding comparisons with capito (= O. megacephalus) by Pérez-Zapata and Aguilera (1996). Morphological recognition, distributional limits, karyotypic variation, and synonymies amplified by Musser and Williams (1985) and Musser et al. (1998).



    carrikeri J. A. Allen, 1908
    magdalenae J. A. Allen, 1899
    medius Robinson and Lyon, 1901
    mollipilosus J. A. Allen, 1899
    panamensis Thomas, 1901
    sylvaticus Thomas, 1900
    villosus J. A. Allen, 1899

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