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SPECIES Oryzomys seuanezi

Author:Weksler, Geise, and Cerqueira, 1999.
Citation:Zool. Jour. Linnean Soc., 125: 454.
Common Name:SeuŠnezís Oryzomys
Type Locality:Brazil, Rio de Janeiro State, Casimiro de Abreu Municipality, Fazenda Uni„o, 50 m; 22ļ25′S, 42ļ02′W.
Distribution:Atlantic Forest, SE Brazil.
Comments:Morphometric and karyological comparisons with other Brazilian members of the O. megacephalus complex provided by Weksler et al. (1999); a sister species to O. oniscus (or O. laticeps sensu Musser et al., 1998). The level of differentiation of this species from Lundís (1840) laticeps, identified by Musser et al. (1998) as the senior synonym for the large megacephalus like form of the Atlantic Forest region, deserves further examination.



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