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SPECIES Oryzomys laticeps

Author:Lund, 1840.
Citation:Preprint of 1841 K. Dansk. Vidensk. Selskav Afhandl., Kjobenhavn, 8: 279.
Common Name:Atlantic Forest Oryzomys
Type Locality:Brazil, Minas Gerais State, valley of the Rio das Velhas, Lagoa Santa.
Distribution:Atlantic Forest region of SE Brazil.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (nt) as O. oniscus.
Comments:Lectotype selected, synonyms identified, and morphological separation from O. megacephalus and related oryzomyines elaborated by Musser et al. (1998); includes oniscus, previously recognized as a separate species (e.g., Gyldenstolpe, 1932; Moojen, 1952; Musser and Carleton, 1993). Cladistic interpretation of cytochrome b data reveals a sister-species relationship between O. laticeps and O. perenensis (Patton et al., 2000).



    oniscus Thomas, 1904
    saltator (Winge, 1887)

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