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SPECIES Oryzomys curasoae

Author:McFarlane and Debrot, 2001.
Citation:Caribbean J. Sci., 37: 182.
Common Name:Curaçao Oryzomys
Type Locality:Venezuela, Curaçao Isl, fissure 30 m below north face of Tafelberg Santa Barbara.
Distribution:Known only from Curaçao Isl.
Status:Extinct; found in old owl-pellet deposits together with Rattus rattus, indicating that extinction transpired some time after initial European contact in 1499 (McFarlane and Debrot, 2001).
Comments:Described as belonging to Oryzomys, subgenus Oecomys, but the long incisive foramina, zygomatic notch, and deep posterolateral palatal pits of the figured specimen indicate an example of Oryzomys sensu stricto; generic confirmation is required.



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