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SPECIES Oryzomys couesi

Author:Alston, 1876.
Actual Date:1877
Citation:Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond., 1876: 756.
Common Name:Coues’ Oryzomys
Type Locality:Guatemala, Alta Verapaz Dept., Cobán.
Distribution:Extreme S Texas, USA; México, excluding NC plateau region, south through most of Central America (see Platt et al., 2000, for Belize records), to NW Colombia (see Hershkovitz, 1987); including Jamaica, Isla Cozumel, and allopatric populations in S Baja California Sur (peninsulae) and WC Sonora (lambi).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).

Retained as a species by Goldman (1918) until Hall (1960) considered it only subspecifically distinct from O. palustris. Benson and Gehlbach (1979) returned O. couesi to specific status based on morphological contrasts with O. p. texensis in supposed area of intergradation; protein electrophoresis corroborates their lack of hybridization and genetic distinctiveness in sympatry (Schmidt and Engstrom, 1994). Karyotype reported by Benson and Gehlbach (1979) and Haiduk et al. (1979); morphometric comparisons with O. palustris by Humphrey and Setzer (1989). Alvarez-Castañeda (1994) discussed the indigenous status and possible extinction of the population (peninsulae) isolated near the tip of Baja California.

Following Hall’s (1960) example, other insular or localized subspecies—namely, antillarum, azuerensis, cozumelae, fulgens, gatunensis, and peninsulae (see Handley, 1966a; Hershkovitz, 1971; Jones and Lawlor, 1965)—were swept under O. palustris; they are here included in O. couesi because of geographic proximity. A composite of at least three species, the Mesoamerican populations referred to "couesi," as well as O. dimidiatus and O. gorgasi, should be critically reviewed (also see Sánchez et al., 2001).




    albiventer Merriam, 1901
    antillarum Thomas, 1898
    apatelius Elliot, 1904
    aquaticus J. A. Allen, 1891
    aztecus Merriam, 1901
    azuerensis Bole, 1937
    bulleri J. A. Allen, 1897
    cozumelae Merriam, 1901
    crinitus Merriam, 1901
    fulgens Thomas, 1893
    gatunensis Goldman, 1912
    goldmani Merriam, 1901
    jalapae J. A. Allen and Chapman, 1897
    lambi Burt, 1934
    mexicanus J. A. Allen, 1897
    molestus Elliot, 1903
    peninsulae Thomas, 1897
    peragrus Merriam, 1901
    pinicola A. Murie, 1932
    regillus Goldman, 1915
    richardsoni J. A. Allen, 1910
    richmondi Merriam, 1901
    rufinus Merriam, 1901
    rufus Merriam, 1901
    teapensis Merriam, 1901
    zygomaticus Merriam, 1901

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