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SPECIES Oligoryzomys stramineus

Author:Bonvicino and Weksler, 1998.
Citation:Z. Saugetierk., 63: 98.
Common Name:Straw-colored Colilargo
Type Locality:Brazil, Goiás State, Terezina de Goiás, 24 km N Terezina, 15 km SW Rio Paraná (tributary of the upper Rio Tocantins), Fazenda Vao dos Bois, road GO-118, km 275, 424 m; 13º34′29″S, 47º10º57″W.
Distribution:Cerrado (Goiás and Minas Gerais) and Caatinga (Paraíba and Pernambuco) formations of NE and C Brazil (see Bonvicino and Weksler, 1998:Fig. 7).
Comments:A large-bodied form sympatric with O. fornesi or O. nigripes. Morphometric, karyological (2n = 52, FN = 68), and distributional comparisons with O. chacoensis, O. delticola, and O. nigripes provided by Bonvicino and Weksler (1998); other karyological comparisons by Andrades-Miranda et al. (2001a).



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