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SPECIES Oecomys concolor

Author:Wagner, 1845.
Citation:Arch. Naturgesch., 11: 147.
Common Name:Unicolored Oecomys
Type Locality:Brazil, Amazonas State, Rio Curicuriari, a tributary of the upper Rio Negro, below São Gabriel.
Distribution:S Venezuela south of the llanos (see Linares, 1998:Fig 142), NW Brazil, E Colombia, and NE Bolivia (as per Anderson, 1997); range limits poorly documented.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Oecomys concolor proper has a restricted distribution compared with Hershkovitz’s (1960) broad view of its contents; most of those forms are actually synonyms of the very different species O. flavicans, O. roberti, O. superans, or O. trinitatis. Characters of the skin and skull indicate that O. concolor is closely related to O. mamorae.



    marmorsurus (Thomas, 1899)

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