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SPECIES Neusticomys oyapocki

Author:Dubost and Petter, 1978.
Citation:Mammalia, 42: 436.
Common Name:Guianan Ichthyomyine
Type Locality:French Guiana, Trois-Sauts, near the banks of the Oyapock River; 02°10'N, 53°11'W.
Distribution:Known only from three localities in French Guiana (Voss et al., 2001) and one in Amapá, NE Brazil (Nunes, 2002).
Status:IUCN – Endangered.
Comments:Based on a single specimen originally referred to Daptomys. Maintained as a species by Voss (1988); additional material reported by Voss et al. (2001) and Nunes (2002).



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