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SPECIES Nesoryzomys indefessus

Author:Thomas, 1899.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 7, 4: 280.
Common Name:Santa Cruz Nesoryzomys
Type Locality:Ecuador, Galápagos Archipelago, Santa Cruz (= Indefatigable) Isl, Academia Bay.
Distribution:Santa Cruz, Baltra (= South Seymour), and Fernandina (= Narborough) Isls.
Status:IUCN – Extinct as N. indefessus, Near Threatened as N. narboroughi. Nesorysomys i. indefessus is probably extinct, none documented since 1934 (see Patton and Hafner, 1983). Populations of N. i. narboroughi on Fernandina Isl, which lacks commensal Rattus and Mus, appear stable (see Dowler et al., 2000; Patton and Hafner, 1983).
Comments:Patton and Hafner (1983:539) recommended that indefessus, narboroughi, and swarthi are "best considered races of a single species, which differ primarily in pelage color." Their analyses sustain this conclusion with regard to indefessus and narboroughi but not the strong craniodental differentiation demonstrated for N. swarthi.



    narboroughi Heller, 1904

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