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SPECIES Megaoryzomys curioi

Author:Niethammer, 1964.
Citation:Mammalia, 28: 596.
Common Name:Galapágos Giant Rat
Type Locality:Ecuador, Galápagos Isls, Indefatigable Isl (= Santa Cruz), volcanic tube 3 km N Academy Bay (as corrected by Hutterer and Oromi, 1993:67).
Distribution:Known only from late Quaternary and subfossil cave deposits (precise age indeterminate) on Santa Cruz Isl.
Status:Dead but not forgotten.
Comments:Lectotype designated by Steadman and Ray (1982:6). See Hutterer and Oromi (1993) for commentary on varied renditions of the type locality, morphological redescription based on new samples, and discussion of the taxon’s very recent extinction given its recovery with bones of Nesoryzomys and Mus.



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