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SPECIES Holochilus brasiliensis

Author:Desmarest, 1819.
Citation:Nouv. Dict. Hist. Nat., Nouv. ed., 29: 62.
Common Name:Brazilian Marsh Rat
Type Locality:Brazil, Minas Gerais State, Lagoa Santa (as restricted by Hershkovitz, 1955a:662).
Distribution:SE Brazil, Uruguay, and EC Argentina.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Morphological definition and geographic range reduced in scope by Massoia (1980a, 1981), who segregated H. sciureus as a species distinct from H. brasiliensis. González (2000b) retained vulpinus as a subspecies for Uruguayan populations.



    anguyu (Brandt, 1835)
    cancellinus Wagner, 1843
    darwini Thomas, 1897
    leucogaster (Brandt, 1835)
    russatus (Wagner, 1848)
    vulpinus (Brants, 1827)

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