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SPECIES Eligmodontia typus

Author:F. Cuvier, 1837.
Citation:Ann. Sci. Nat. (Paris), ser. 2, 7: 169.
Common Name:Eastern Patagonian Laucha
Type Locality:Argentina, "Buenos Aires."
Distribution:E Patagonian region of S Argentina, Buenos Aires and La Pampa Provs. southwards to Santa Cruz.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Hershkovitz (1962:185) discussed the uncertainty of the type locality (also see Ortells et al., 1989:138), which should be formally restricted in order to settle the morphological identification of E. typus and promote a critical definition of the species within the genus. See account of E. morgani for references on the morphometric, karyotypic, and molecular differentiation of the two species where their ranges approach one another or overlap. Cabrera (1961) referred Graomys hypogaeus Cabrera (1934) as a full synonym of Phyllotis griseoflavus medius, Massoia (1976) placed it in synonymy under E. typus sensu lato, and Williams and Mares (1978) questioned whether the type is a composite specimen; critical restudy of the holotype and new field collections are required to finally ascertain its status.



    elegans (Waterhouse, 1837)
    hypogaeus (Cabrera, 1934)
    pamparum Thomas, 1913

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