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SPECIES Eligmodontia puerulus

Author:Philippi, 1896.
Citation:Anal. Mus. Nac. Chile, Zool. Ent., 13a: 20.
Common Name:Altiplano Laucha
Type Locality:Chile, Antofagasta Prov., San Pedro de Atacama, 3223 m.
Distribution:Altiplano, usually above 3000 m, of extreme S Perú, through NE Chile and WC Bolivia, to NW Argentina.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Reduced to a subspecies of E. typus by Hershkovitz (1962), but morphological (Mann, 1978; Osgood, 1943) and karyotypic (Kelt et al., 1991; Ortells et al., 1989; Spotorno et al., 1994) data sustain the specific recognition of E. puerulus. Further systematic review is required: e.g., Braun (1993) and Díaz and Barquez (1999) viewed hirtipes as a separate species but Anderson (1997) did not; and Galliari et al. (1996) and Mares et al. (1997) listed marica as distinct.



    hirtipes (Thomas, 1902)
    jacunda Thomas, 1919
    marica Thomas, 1918
    tarapacensis Mann, 1945

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