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SPECIES Chibchanomys orcesi

Author:Jenkins and Barnett, 1997.
Citation:Bull. Nat. Hist. Mus. Lond., 63: 124.
Common Name:Las Cajas Ichthyomyine
Type Locality:Ecuador, Azuay Prov., Las Cajas, Lake Luspa, 3700 m; 02°50’S, 79°30’W.
Distribution:Páramo, 3100-4000 m, of the Las Cajas Plateau, S Ecuador.
Comments:Although exhibiting certain similarities to Neusticomys, the brunt of apomorphic traits substantiates the placement of orcesi in Chibchanomys. Phylogenetic relationships to other ichthyomyine genera examined by Jenkins and Barnett (1997); behavioral and ecological observations supplied by Barnett (1997).



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