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SPECIES Calomys laucha

Author:Fischer, 1814.
Citation:In Eschwege, J. Brasilien, Neue Bibliothek. Reisenb., 15(2): 209.
Common Name:Little Laucha
Type Locality:Paraguay, Central Dept., vicinity of Asunción (as restricted by Hershkovitz, 1962:153).
Distribution:Dry biotopes in SC Bolivia (Chaco), N and EC Argentina, W Paraguay, WC and extreme S Brazil, and Uruguay (González et al., 1995).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Formerly included hummelincki (See Handley, 1976), musculinus (see Massoia et al., 1968), and tener (see species account). Attribution of pusillus follows Hershkovitz (1962; also see Osgood, 1943:239); that of bimaculatus as per Brum-Zorilla et al. (1990). Allozymic variability and differentiation among samples in EC Argentina assayed by Chiappero et al. (2002) and Gardenal et al. (2002).



    bimaculatus (Waterhouse, 1837)
    bonariensis (Osgood, 1933)
    dubius (Fischer, 1829)
    gracilipes (Waterhouse, 1837)
    pusillus (Philippi, 1858)

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