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SPECIES Calomys hummelincki

Author:Husson, 1960.
Citation:Stud. Faun. Curacao Carib. Isl., 43: 34.
Common Name:Hummelinck’s Laucha
Type Locality:Netherlands West Indies, Curaçao, Klein Santa Martha.
Distribution:Llanos of NE Colombia (La Guajira), N and C Venezuela, and the continental-shelf islands Curaçao and Aruba.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Originally named as a species of Baiomys; reidentified as Calomys and included in C. laucha by Hershkovitz (1962), who considered the Venezuelan populations to be introductions. Indigenous status and specific distinctiveness reasserted by Handley (1976) and underscored by subsequent research (Garcia et al., 1999; Martino and Capanna, 2002; Pérez-Zapata et al., 1987); biogeographic scenario for derivation of C. hummelincki from southern populations of Calomys developed by Martino et al. (2002). Cytogenetics, allozymic and morphometric variation, and natural history monographed by Martino (2000); distribution discussed by Voss (1991a) in the context of biogeographic comparisons with other small mammals inhabiting nonforest vegetation in N South America.



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