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SPECIES Akodon (Akodon) oenos

Author:Braun, Mares, and Ojeda, 2000.
Citation:Z. Saugetierk., 65: 218.
Common Name:Monte Akodont
Type Locality:Argentina, Mendoza Prov., Dept. La Valle, La Pega; 3248′S, 6840′W.
Distribution:Known only from the type locality and vicinity, 600-1200 m, WC Argentina.
Comments:Subgenus Akodon, A. varius species group (Myers, 1989). A medium-size species compared with A. molinae. Braun et al. (2000) noted that their new species corresponds to a nomen nudum (minoprioi) that had appeared in a meeting abstract (also see Galliari et al., 1996).



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