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SPECIES Akodon (Akodon) lindberghi

Author:Hershkovitz, 1990.
Citation:Fieldiana Zool., N.S., 57: 16.
Common Name:Lindbergh’s Akodont
Type Locality:Brazil, Distrito Federal, 20 km NW Brasília, Parque Nacional de Brasília, Matosa, 1100 m.
Distribution:Cerrado habitat, C and SE Brazil.
Status:IUCN – Vulnerable.
Comments:Subgenus Akodon, A. boliviensis species group (Hershkovitz, 1990c). Morphology, karyotype, and habitat described by Hershkovitz (1990c); additional karyotypic and distributional information reported by Svartman and Almeida (1994) and Geise et al. (1996, 2001). Hershkovitz (1990c) discussed the nomen nudum Plectomys paludicola and its possible equivalence to the species A. lindberghi.



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