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SPECIES Abrothrix hershkovitzi

Author:Patterson, Gallardo, and Freas, 1984.
Citation:Fieldiana Zool., N. S., 23: 8.
Common Name:Hershkovitz’s Akodont
Type Locality:Chile, Magallanes Prov., Isla Capitán Aracena, head of Bahía Morris, 60 m; 54°14'S, 71°30'W.
Distribution:Outer islands of the Chilean Archipelago.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc) as Akodon hershkovitzi.
Comments:A member of A. (Akodon) after Patterson et al. (1984) and also Muñoz Pedreros (2000); subgenus or genus Abrothrix according to Reig (1987) and others (e.g., Pearson and Smith, 1999; Smith and Patton, 1999). Pearson and Smith (1999) suspected that hershkovitzi will prove to be another synonym of A. olivaceus, including xanthorhinus; this possibility should be demonstrated rather than assumed in view of the morphological separation presented in its diagnosis (Patterson et al., 1984).



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