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SPECIES Microtus (See comments.) xanthognathus

Author:Leach, 1815.
Citation:Zool. Misc., 1: 60.
Common Name:Taiga Vole
Type Locality:Canada, Manitoba, Hudson Bay.
Distribution:Western boreal taiga zone, from EC Alaska to W Northwest Territories, southeastwards to C Alberta and W coast of Hudson Bay, Canada.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Relationships obscure—apparently not a sister species to M. chrotorrhinus as once believed (see that account and Lidicker and Yang, 1986) nor closely related to M. richardsoni, subgenus Aulacomys, as arranged by Zagorodnyuk (1990; see Conroy and Cook, 2000a). Karyotype reported and affinities discussed by Rausch and Rausch (1974). Late Pleistocene distribution reached C and E USA, as far south as S Nebraska, N Arkansas, and Virginia (Graham and Lundelius, 1994).



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